Use your gems wisely when playing Episode

If you are planning on playing the popular mobile app game Episode, you will need to know about gems before you start.

What are gems, what are they used for, how do you get them and can you buy them? Once you know the answer to these questions, playing Episode will be much easier.


What is Episode? — The mobile app game is one of the most popular games at the moment, and is predominantly played by women and girls.

It is nothing more than a story game where the player chooses what each character does as the game progresses. Every story has a different ending depending on how you make your character behave.


What are gems in Episode? — Instead of having to use money to purchase things in Episode, the player uses gems instead.

Gems are earned every day that you play the game. You are also rewarded with gems depending on certain actions you carry out in-game.


What do you need gems for? — Gems are used as currency in the game and are used to allow your character to do things.

If your character wants to buy a new outfit for instance, you will need gems to pay for it. If she wants to kiss her boyfriend, go to the movies or get a haircut, she will need to pay for this with gems.

There are also certain choices Episode characters make that are only available if you can afford to buy them with gems.


Can you get gems for free? — You are awarded a handful of gems every day you play the game so, yes, it is possible to get them for free.

The problem comes in when the number of gems you have is too low to be able to do most of the cool things in the game. This is when people begin buying them.

Where can you buy gems? — There are two ways of buying gems.

The first is via the Episode app, as gems can be bought in sets depending on how many you need. The bigger the gem set, however, the cheaper each gem will be.

The second way is by paying an online gem generator to generate gems for you.  While this is not condoned by the developers of the game, these episode cheats are the cheapest way to get the large number of gems you will need to be able to access everything in Episode.

If you decide to use a gem generator, you will find a slew of them via a quick online search. Start with a small package of gems first though, as that will give you chance to test the service and make sure it is legitimate.