What are the main differences between streaming services and regular TV?

If you are one of the few people in America that has not yet used a streaming service, you may be considering signing up for one. Before you do, however, you probably want to know what the differences are between streaming services and traditional TV and if there really are many advantages?

On demand viewing — The main reason people love streaming services over traditional TV is the ability to watch things on demand.

This means, instead of having to wait for Wednesday at 9pm for a specific TV show to air, you can watch it at any time on your computer, tablet or phone. On demand viewing also means you can watch as many episodes as you like one after the other.

Unlimited access to content — Most of the streaming services are just a few dollars a month, yet give you access to unlimited content. There are even some sits out there, like 123movies, that are completely free.

This will usually mean you will be able to watch movies you have always wanted to see, and TV shows you have wanted to watch all for just a few dollars a month. As new content is added monthly, you will never run out of new things to watch either.

With TV, on the other hand, you are limited to what is being shown at a specific time.

Access to international content — Unless you subscribe to a TV network that shows a lot of international movies and TV shows, you will usually find American TV is devoid of international fare.

With many streaming services, however, you will be able to watch international movies and shows from Europe, Asia, South America, North America — and from just about any country anywhere. This opens you up to a whole world of content that was otherwise not available to you.

You can take it with you — Most TV companies only allow you to watch TV shows and movies while sitting at home in front of your television.

With streaming services, however, you can not only watch them anywhere with an Internet connection, you can also download them and watch them anywhere without an Internet connection.

This allows you to watch movies and TV shows while in a plane, on a train or bus, at work, at school and even in another country. In fact, you can travel anywhere with your favorite shows and always be able to watch them.

Flexibility — Most cable TV companies lock you into subscriptions, which means once you have ordered them you are stuck with them for at least a year.

With streaming services, however, you can sign up one month and then stop paying the next. This allows you to only watch them when you need them and when you can afford them.

Recommendations — Another wonderful thing about streaming services over traditional TV is the recommendations you get due to the service’s artificial intelligence.

This means, if you watch a specific type of show, it will recommend other shows to you that you may like as they are similar.