France on track at 5:1 to sweep Qatar FIFA World Cup in 2022

The Tokyo Olympics are in full swing, and while the world is watching the best athletes from around the globe compete for their nations, attention is already swinging to the next FIFA World Cup in 2022 (you can watch the broadcast at 축구중계 ). Slated to be hosted in the gorgeous UAE’s stadium in Qatar, the World Cup promises to be an exciting and action-packed game featuring some of the world’s best footballers.


A heavy favorite since their win last season, France is projected to finish in the money at 5:1 odds. Despite that, there are several countries that should not be counted out of the running. Cristiano Ronaldo could possibly captain Portugal to a spot in soccer’s greatest game, given his strong leadership on and off the pitch. With the team’s odds coming in at 14:1, they may seem like a bit of a gamble, but history has proven time and again that Davids come out of nowhere and topple Goliaths.


Argentina and Lionel Messi are hot on their heels, with their recent draw to Chile keeping them strongly in the race for a qualifying seat. This match put them squarely in reach of Brazil, the only remaining side with a perfect record in the qualifiers. And with odds favoring Messi and his side coming in at 9 to 1, may be seen as a safer bet than Portugal.


Of course, England should not be discounted or its heated rivalry with France forgotten. Current odds place the Brits at 13 to 2, and while their roster is pretty tried and true, they are still within a reasonable bid for a spot in the UAE. David Beckham has long shown he is much more than a pretty face, and the legendary footballer would be a sure draw. Whether or not the side makes the cut, it is a sure bet the paparazzi will be all over the celebrity athlete and his fashionable lady, Victoria “Posh” Beckham.


Other teams to watch include the upstarts from Belgium, a promising young team powered by the golden cleats of Hazard, De Bruyne, Courtois, Lukaku, Alderweireld, and Tielemalens. Sweden took its shot without Forsburg, and even though they ended up losing to England, is going to be a side worth watching as the playoffs loom. And Brazil is a strong contender, despite not having a recent victory in a world cup from any South American nation. With so many younger and promising athletes under the age of 33, Brazil could be very well positioned to sweep France from the leaderboard this season.


Bottom line, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is going to be action-packed, and despite the French having a strong advantage coming to the game as the titleholder? They cannot just phone it in and rest on their laurels. The rest of the world is hungry and will surely be nipping at the heels of France and its captain, Hugo Lloris.