How OnlyFans Became on the Most Recognizable Subscription Sites

OnlyFans has seen unprecedented growth since its launch in 2016, going from a small platform with an underground online following to one of the most recognizable content subscription platforms on the internet. OnlyFans’ popularity rivals many of its competitors, like Patreon, to the point that OnlyFans has more mainstream recognition. But why is Only Fans so popular?


What is Only Fans?


Only Fans is a subscription-based service where creators can post exclusive content to subscribed users. While creators can let subscribers view their content for free, most creators charge subscribers a monthly fee (find out how to unlock OnlyFans account). The fees range in price as creators are free to set their prices.


Content creators are free to post whatever content they choose, as long as it does not violate the website’s policies. Because content creators have the option of posting different kinds of content, OnlyFans generates a variety of creators as well as subscribers.


What Has Made OnlyFans So Popular?


Since its launch, OnlyFans has relied heavily on the power of social media. While some companies take advantage of social media advertisement, OnlyFans has chosen to advertise organically.


Many social media platforms have changed the way users can share over the years. Most social media platforms allow for users to post links or post from other social media platforms on another. This option has favored many content creators on OnlyFans.



Often content creators post the same content on multiple social media sites, including OnlyFans. Many content creators use their social media pages to promote their OnlyFans. Many content creators who do this already have large followers on other social media like Instagram or Twitter, and it is easy to gain subscribers to their OnlyFans.


While the creators intentionally promote their personal OnlyFans page to gain subscribers, they unintentionally promote the website. The more that people began to promote their OnlyFans, the more people learned about OnlyFans.


Global Quarantine


The majority of the world was under some time of global quarantine during 2020. Sporting events, concerts, movies, and television were postponed or canceled. With most of the world’s entertainment options gone, people began to look for alternatives.


While OnlyFans has always had a following of people that enjoyed the various content, the quarantine brought new subscribers to the site as people looked to fill their entertainment void.


Social Media was many people’s lifeline and the only source of human contact during the quarantine. OnlyFans provided a way for people to interact with one another and a source for new and engaging entertainment.


Only Fans popularity peaked when singer Beyonce mention the website in a song that she was featured on in 2020. Having such an influential figure mention OnlyFans marked the website transition into popular control and general mainstream.