Why Are Foldable Bikes Ideal For Developed Countries Like Singapore

If you live in an urban environment or busy country like Singapore, and contemplating the possibility of getting a bicycle, you should consider getting a foldable bike. While it may be true that traditional bikes are ideal for going long distances, developed countries like Canada and the US are filled with large cities that aren’t suitable for traditional bikes. In this post we take a look at why foldable bicycles are ideal for people who live in busy countries.


1) Change The Way You Experience The City

A foldable bicycle can take you wherever you need to go. And its flexibility enables you to get more out of the city whether it may be day or night. By using a bike, you will not be limited to the amount of gas you have to spare to explore, or the time that public transportation closes. You’ll be able to visit areas that you may not have visited without the utilization of a foldable bike, such as to explore a large park in its entirety.


2) Large Apartment Complexes

Busy countries like Singapore are filled with developed cities which feature large apartment complexes. In some instances they may feature a small elevator and/or staircase. In fact, chances are that you may be reading this from your 4th floor apartment complex. Traditional bikes are cumbersome and require a great deal of energy and patience to maneuver up and down a staircase. In fact, this could be considered a workout in itself! A foldable bike can be easily carried like a bag pack when you go in and out of your apartment regardless if you live on the first 17th floor.


3) Avoid Traffic

Rush hour and constant traffic goes hand-in-hand with a busy country. In some areas the simple act of going to the grocery store can turn into a 2 hour endeavor as to which you only spent 10 minutes at the grocery store. Folding bikes give you the ability to avoid traffic so you can easily go to the park, the movie theater or restaurant without having to waste time in traffic or waste time looking for a place to safely store your bicycle.


4) Exercise

Most people shy away from the gym because the thought of staring into another building as you run for 30 minutes, feels tedious and repetitive. That’s why they strive to workout outdoors instead. In a busty metropolitan area, you may not have a lot of places as to which you can go for a jog or walk. This is why most cities feature bike lanes. By getting a foldable bike you can easily exercise whenever you feel like it.